Enjoy Kimia and  Kia’s 
Stanley Park Wedding Video

Thanks to the planning of La Vista Events, Kia & Kimia’s dream wedding was able to become a reality! Be sure to watch the entire thing so you don’t miss the surprise moment that happened during the ceremony!

Stanley Park Pavilion Weddings

Weddings are highly anticipated events that can last a few hours in a day. But everything that happens during those few hours is so important and special. This is why wedding videography and photography are such an important part of planning for weddings and we enjoy every single wedding we are a part of as they all tell a unique and special story.

Wedding venue plays a very important role in the beauty of this day, so it is important to choose it carefully,attentively and of course well in advance! If you live or are planning a wedding in the Vancouver area or lower mainland, you have some heavenly wedding venues to choose from. Let’s discover the Stanley Park Pavilion, a world famous park that is entrenched in natural beauty and can be your very own wedding venue on your special day… 

About Stanley Park Pavilion

Stanley Park Pavilion is a wedding reception venue located in one of Vancouver’s most beautiful and famous parks. They have a lovely traditional hall and a beautiful outdoor ceremony space. Don’t forget that they offer first class catering and attentive staff. Everything needed for an elegant and personalized wedding event.

At Stanley Park Pavilion, you have the opportunity to plan and execute your wedding day with the venue’s expert coordinators.

Their first class cuisine combined with the skilled catering team is equipped to satisfy the most sophisticated of palates.

Stanley Park has a variety of rooms perfect for any occasion, lit by natural light, topped by high ceilings and affording a magnificent view of the Stanley Park gardens. Whether it’s a small intimate meeting or a large glamorous celebration, Stanley Park Pavilion has the flexibility to create the event of your dreams with any of its four beautiful venues: The Lord Stanley Ballroom, The Tea Room, The Stanley’s Bar and Grill and The Outdoor Spaces.

The Lord Stanley Ballroom

The Lord Stanley Ballroom is an art form with beautiful chandeliers and nature-based decor. The chandeliers, chairs and decorations are breathtaking. Not to mention the large size of the room which allows it to hold 180 people or much more for a standing reception. This venue is perfect for you if you want a simple yet elegant wedding.

The Tea Room

The Tea Room comes with its wooden fireplace and beautiful green striped decoration. It is slightly smaller than the Lord Stanley Room with space for 60 or more for a cocktail party. It is ideal for an intimate wedding combined with a love of all things artistic. Enjoy your most beautiful day with a relaxed atmosphere.

Stanley’s Bar and Grill

The bar is a combination of Lord Stanley’s room and the Tea Room. It is ideal for you if you wish to celebrate your wedding in a much more modern space. The advantage of this room is its direct access to the large east-facing terrace and the main lawn. Perfect for a glamorous wedding.

Outdoor Spaces

Stanley Park has several beautiful, romantic and aesthetically pleasing gardens. These venues are made for outdoor weddings. You are surrounded by the wonders of nature while breathing in the sweet smell of flowers. It is the perfect place for a romantic wedding and a lavish celebration. Whether it’s for an intimate wedding or a large celebration the garden is available for you. Of course, this beautiful scenery offers amazing opportunities for great wedding videos and pictures as it is a huge part of which it’s allure. 

If you choose Stanley Park as your wedding venue, make sure to contact us to discuss Wedding Videography details as our team of experienced wedding videographers are very familiar with the Stanley Park Pavilions and could facilitate the planning process. 


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